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Climate KIC Greece programmes

EIT Climate-KIC Accelerator

EIT Climate-KIC Accelerator (https://www.climate-kic.org/programmes/entrepreneurship/accelerator/ ) is the only EU acceleration programme focused on climate impact by cleantech commercialisation. This year, 7 start-ups are supported through both financial schemes and mentoring. The successful start-ups can be seen below:
  • Cyrus: A Demokritos spin-off working on hydrogen technologies and designing non-mechanical high-pressure H2 compressors using metal hydrides.   
  • Citipost: Innovative waste and data management platform focusing on smart cities and sustainability through recycling.   
  • Cargoshare: An automated freight brokerage services platform  which results in a more transparent market, leading to less communication friction, while resulting to reduced emissions by freight ships traveling empty.   
  • Parity: A two-sided Financing Platform, that makes Greentech investing accessible to retail investors and small funds.  
  • Trustporter: A convenient, trust-centered and inexpensive system for shipping & transportation needs - designed to match requests to transfer goods or transport people, with other people that happen to travel along the requested routes anyway.   
  • Enaleia: Educate, motivate, organize and track the fishermen, so as to be able to collect plastic from the sea through their bi-catch.    
  • Shallows: Zero-footprint architecture based on natural raw materials, using biological mechanisms as a living creature with a highly efficient life-cycle regarding sustainability, energy consumption and CO2 emissions  Pioneers into practice.
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Pioneers into practice programme

The Pioneers into practice programme (https://pioneers.climate-kic.org), operating in eight European locations, runs from May through to November and consists of a 4-6 week placement (domestic or international) funded by the EIT Climate-KIC, bespoke transitions thinking & systems innovation mentoring delivered through a structured workshop programme and online training. The applications are still open and the deadline in on 26th April 2019! You can find more about the programme and how to fill the application form at: https://pioneers.climate-kic.org/how-to-apply.


Climathon (https://climathon.climate-kic.org/en/) is a global movement dedicated to solving the toughest climate challenges cities face today, through a 24-hour hackathon taking place simultaneously in major cities around the world. Citizens, city officials and partners connect under a shared vision for a healthier city and try to find innovative solutions. In 2018, 4 Climathons took place in Greek cities under the auspices of EIT Climate-KIC Hub Greece (Athens, Piraeus, Heraklion, Larissa). The next annual Climathon 24-hour hackathon is taking place on 25th October 2019.

Launchpad Competition

ClimateLaunchpad (https://climatelaunchpad.org/) is the world’s largest green business ideas competition. Our mission is to unlock the world’s cleantech potential that addresses climate change. The competition creates a stage for those ideas. ClimateLaunchpad is part of the Entrepreneurship offerings of EIT Climate-KIC.