EIT Climate Kic-Hub Greece Accelarator 2019-2020 Success Stories

Enaleia is a social enterprise aiming to make the marine ecosystem sustainable. The aim was not just to train young people into the fishing sector, create new jobs and make sure that the professional fishing will survive in the future but, at the same time, to provide a high-quality, eco-friendly and ethical education. Milestones succeeded:
  • Enaleia was named in 2019, one of the top 5 initiatives in Europe for its positive impact on the environment by UNEP “Young Champions of the Earth”
  • We launched our new project "Mediterranean Cleanup" and through our expanded network of fishermen, we currently remove 40,000 kg of marine plastic per year, with 35 trawler fishing boats from 5 ports around Greece, which we integrate in the circular economy through recycling and product creation
  • More than 40 people have enrolled in our e-learning courses for sustainable fishing, which we offer free for the next month due to covid-19
  • In the last 9 months we visited 10 Greek islands for our project "Fish Smarter" and trained 92 fishermen in fishing tourism.

Transport applications are responsible for almost 25% of Greenhouse Gases Emissions in Europe. Hydrogen is the most efficient clean energy carrier in this sector. CYRUS PC manufactures hydrogen compressors, which are ideal for Hydrogen Refuelling Stations (HRS) in residential areas due to their zero noise levels (no moving parts). In addition, they are flexible and modular and present low O&M costs, high availability and reliability. They can be driven by 100% renewable energy and they present a low environmental impact.
  • Technological disruption on clean energy transport (hydrogen) applications
  • Pre-commercial prototype has already been developed
  • Pre-seed financing for the implementation of go-to-market strategies and helping build the foundations of the entrepreneurial ecosystem; external investment from a Venture Capital already in place.

Citipost is committed to providing integrated green solutions through the application of state-of-the-art technologies.
Innovative Mobile green point (MGP): A vehicle specially designed for separate collection of Metals, Plastics, Paper, Glass, Tetra-pack, small sized Electrical Equipment, oils and used Clothes, able to perform circular economy activation actions via rewarding participants with the use of smart weighting and a Citizens Loyalty Recycling Card. Milestones succeeded:
A. Implementation of a pilot project concerning the operation of Mobile Green Point in Municipality of Vari-Voula-Vouliagmeni. In 6 months, 1200 citizens participated to the project and obtained the Citizens Loyalty Recycling Card.
B. Several networking activities took place and the prototype MGP was presented in workshops and conferences.