new embedded Systems arcHItecturE for multi-Layer Dependable solutions
nSHIELD is the architectural framework project for security, privacy and dependability (SPD) in Embedded Systems (ES). The project will develop new built-in SPD functionalities and will demonstrate the modularity and the composability of them in four different strategic scenarios: Railways Security, Voice/Face Recognition, Dependable Avionic Systems and Social Mobility and Networking.
The nSHIELD complaint tool-set, with the possibility to guarantee required SPD level by using integrated metrics, will enable not only development and verification time the certification process expenses to be reduced. Build-in protocol verifica¬tion and configuration mechanisms in the integrated tool set will help to predict the desired efficacy of the embedded system under development.
nSHIELD project will help to provide early validation methodology focusing on SPD aspects and taking into account the variability of embedded system families addressing important topics of the Artemis Strategic Research Agenda within the ‘Design Methods and Tools‘ area of research:
  • methods and tools for simulation,
  • automatic validation and testing,
  • verification and validation methods and tools for developing embedded systems product lines.
Moreover, the provision of early validation techniques adapted to SPD will further contribute to improving the quality of end products and reducing time to market and costs.
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