Motivated Active Ageing ICT Enabled System
The MeAct project aims to develop and validate new ICT-based ideas and approaches for empowering and rewarding citizens with a quality framework for daily living and support active ageing, as this will help to improve daily habits in a way that is reflected in the overall improvement of their lifestyles. All the necessary technological infrastructure will be developed to create and offer the citizens of an appropriate ICT-based ecosystem and the Internet of things, to support a quality daily living framework. Within this framework, the technological operator with the assistance of research organisations and health specialists will design, create and offer citizens the appropriate ecosystem to support a quality framework for daily active living while providing the possibility of recovery-after the necessary approval-of the data recorded for the evaluation of their health status. The co-operation of these bodies will ensure the creation of a service-oriented, low-cost and easy-to-use integrated system which will encourage and motivate citizens in a healthy and active living framework and, on the other hand, will accurately outline the overall profile of their quality of life.
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