Intel Triage

Intelligent System in the Hospitals ED and Clinics for the TRIAGE and monitoring of medical incidents
Main objective of the project is the development and deployment of a smart triage system, that dynamically assigns priorities to patients in the Hospital’s Emergency Department and in parallel supports in real time around the clock monitoring and tracking of the patients in the clinics, based on the continuous capturing of their vital signs. The capturing of the vital signs and the assessment of the corresponding physiological parameters is accomplished via a nonintrusive, user-friendly, low-cost wearable biosensing system which extracts multiple parameters, such as Heart Rate (HR), Peripheral Capillary Oxygen Saturation (SpO2) and Respiratory Rate (RR). A backend system guarantees robust processing of the aggregated physiological parameters utilizing machine-learning algorithms and probabilistic models (e.g. time-series analysis and motif discovery for anomaly detection) to provide a dynamic monitoring of patient’s health status through user friendly interfaces, while a hybrid clinical decision support system (integration and formal representation of domain medical knowledge), ensures enough detail for the causation of the result.
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