Development of innovative system of temperature RFID Sensors for the agri-food cold supply chain

The delivery of fresh and healthy quality agri-products, such as milk and meat, mandates the continuous monitoring of the environmental conditions under which these products are stored and transported. The TempSens project aims to experiment on the use of Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology for a creation of temperature sensors which can be easily installed providing a low-cost and reliable monitoring solution. This FTTE will offer IoT architecture solution that will help agro-food and logistics companies to ensure the quality of the transported goods and to be complied with the EU regulations and International food standard ISO 22000. 

TempSens Project targets CLEC throughout the minimisation of the energy consumption of the temperature monitoring sensors integrating the RFID technology, while it will increase cold chain monitoring efficiency during transportation. Also, one of the features of RFID is its ability to identify objects wirelessly without being in their line-of-sight. Using this technology for tracing or locating objects in the agriculture products supply chain increases its efficiency, quality and reduces the number of errors.

TempSens Project will include following operations:
  • positioning of RFID antennas in transport trucks and storage spaces
  • intelligent IoT devices (cellular routers) with attached storage that transmit data in real time
  • installing of RFID sensors on products packages
  • installing of data processing room (servers and communication devices)
  • data processing via TempSens application.
TempSens is IoT solution based on intelligent algorithms. Wireless data transfer it will be combined with a cloud-based data storage system where the data will be transmitted in real time.
TempSens will provide the following services:
  1. 24/7 data recording and collecting
  2. Accessing data from anywhere
  3. Automatic alerts for critical temperatures changes
  4. Temperature fluctuations tracking
  5. Location tracking of goods during the whole supply process
  6. Automatically generating reports including analysis of trends for decision support
TempSens is funded under the FTTE open call funding scheme of the Horison 2020 project SMART4ALL: An extensive network of Digital Innovation Hubs for boosting technology and business development in South, Eastern and Central Europe (https://smart4all-project.eu/).
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