Talk by Prof. Dimitris Georgakopoulos "From Internet Scale Sensing to Smart Services"

ΕΚ "Αθηνά"

The Internet of Things (IoT) is the latest Internet evolution that incorporates billions of Internet-connected devices that range from cameras, sensors, RFIDs, smart phones, and wearables, to smart meters, vehicles, medication pills, and industrial machines. Such IoT things are often owned by different organizations and people who are deploying and using them for their own purposes. Federations of such IoT devices (often referred to as IoT things) can also deliver timely and accurate information that is needed to solve internet-scale problems that have been too difficult to tackle before.To realize its enormous potential, IoT must provide IoT solutions for discovering needed IoT devices, collecting and integrating their data, distilling the high value information each application needs and doing these securely, on the move, and in the cloud/edge. Such IoT solutions must be capable of filtering, aggregating, correlating, and contextualising IoT information in real-time, on the move, in the cloud. In this talk we present an overview of IoT solutions we have developed to address these technical challenges and help springboard IoT to its full potential. In this talk we also cover open source components and standards we have developed jointly with other prominent international collaborators. We also describe a variety of IoT applications that have utilized our solutions to provide smart IoT services in the areas of smart farming, energy, manufacturing, cities, heath and proximity marketing.
Bio - Prof. Georgakopoulos is the Director of the Key IoT Lab at the Digital Innovation Platform of Swinburne University of Technology in Australia. Before that was Research Director at CSIRO’s ICT Centre and Executive Director of the Information Engineering Laboratory, which was the largest Computer Science and IT research organization in Australia, as well as Professor at RMIT University. Before CSIRO and RMIT, he held research and management positions in several industrial laboratories in the US, including Telcordia Technologies (where he helped found two of Telcordia’s Research Centers in Austin, Texas, and Poznan, Poland); Microelectronics and Computer Corporation (MCC) in Austin, Texas; GTE (currently Verizon) Laboratories in Boston, Massachusetts; and Bell Communications Research in Piscataway, New Jersey. Prof. Georgakopoulos is an internationally known expert in IoT, process management, and data management. He has received 20+ industry and academic awards, including two best papers in IEEE ICDE and a more recent best paper award in HICCS. His 180+ journal and conference publications that include three seminal papers in the areas Service Computing, Workflow Management, Context Management for IoT have received 13,400+ citations. Dimitrios’ research has attracted significant external research funding ($35M+) from various industry and government research funding agencies, ranging from DARPA and ARDA in the USA, to the Framework Program in the EU, to the Department of Human Services in Australia as well as 50 other industry and government partners.