JustReDI: Resilience, inclusiveness and development: Towards a just green and digital transition of Greek regions

In the context of Flagship Actions in interdisciplinary scientific areas with a special interest in the connection with the productive tissue the scope of the JustReDI project is fourfold and focuses on:

  1. the assessment of the current situation regarding twin transition in Greece
  2. the recording of opinions, attitudes, value orientations and behavioral predispositions of both the general public and individual social groups,
  3. providing technological solutions and tools to support policy proposals (data driven policy making)
  4. the content and focus of public policies in relation to twin transition

The above is examined regarding the positive and negative impacts the green and digital transition has on:

  • individuals and households
  • business and the economy in general
  • the planning and implementation processes of sectoral policies

So that digital transformation and decarbonisation are achieved in terms of equity, resilience, sustainable development and social inclusion.

The project aims to:

  1. Collect and analyse primary data
  2. Process secondary data
  3. Utilise common research infrastructures
  4. Map areas that are cumulatively or differentially affected or benefited by the green transition and digital transformation
  5. Identify professional groups and economic sectors that cumulatively or differentially suffer or benefit from the dual transition
  6. Identify education and training needs in digital and green skills
  7. Create an observatory of the key indicators of the Green and Digital Transition and convergence with UN goals for sustainable development
  8. Develop a digital portal with cartographic and other data to assist targeted public policy measures
  9. Elaborate public policy proposals for the green and digital transition

ATHENA Research Center/ Sustainable Development Unit participate in the project coordinated by EKKE, under the thematic Pillar of Social impact of green and digital transformation. 

Principal Investigator is Prof. Phoebe Koundouri – Team members: Eleni Toli, Giota Koltsida, Dr. Conrad Landis

The funding for the project is provided through the Recovery and Resilience Fund under Greece’s National Recovery and Resilience Plan (Greece 2.0)

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