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OpenAIRE - the EU perspective

OpenAIRE is a pan European infrastructure for open knowledge, a pillar to the European Open Science Cloud (EOSC). It started as an EU funded project in 2008 and its activities run through a series of continuous OpenAIRE projects until recently when it was established a Legal Entity, in October 2018.


OpenAIRE ensures Open Science best practices in many ways:
Repository Network: adopting the OpenAIRE metadata schema ensures interoperability and metadata enrichment among repositories while increasing repositories outputs’ visibility and achieves compliance to the EU requirements about Open Access (OA), more specifically with Article 29.2 of the H2020 grant agreement.     

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Research supporting and monitoring services: OpenAIRE scholarly communication graph shows the Open Access uptake in Europe with information about OA publications, software, and data. This involves a deduplication activity to the aggregated content and contextualisation of information to form research entities pertaining to one project by linking articles, data funding, and other processes together. To top that and assist stakeholders needs, OpenAIRE is developing a set of monitoring dashboards for use by research communities, repository managers, and funders.

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Tools for Open Science: in order to assist activities performed throughout a research lifecycle, OpenAIRE has developed:
A generic repository for open resources deposit: Zenodo
An anonymisation tool for datasets containing sensitive data: Amnesia
Upcoming! openDMP tool for data management planning