OpenAIRE, the National Perspective

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OpenAIRE - the national perspective
One of the backbones of OpenAIRE is its human network. OpenAIRE supports stakeholders in their OS activities and demands of all sorts through a group of dedicated experts, namely the National Open Access Desks (NOADs). 

Each NOAD represents a specific country in the EU, currently counting to 34 associated members. Their goal is to transfer knowledge and experience in assisting researchers` OS activities nationally and to align national research ecosystems with EU conditions. For that, they seek to establish strong collaborations with key national stakeholders as well as work with policymakers, funders and research performing organisations.

NOADs are responsible for OA awareness in their respective country through workshops and webinars targeting researchers, research communities as well as repository managers. They also hold meetings with funders and policymakers to inform about latest European and national developments and by highlighting open solutions for the formulation of a national OS strategy and a policy framework in line with EU conditions/directions but reflecting their county’s needs to the fullest, with exceptional focus given on the country’s representation/participation in the EOSC.
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