Deep Demonstration for Zero-Net Emissions in the Port of Piraeus - Intent phase

Deep Demonstration for Zero-Net Emissions in the Port of Piraeus - Intent phase

Ports are places where multiple systems collide – shipping, energy, waste, tourism and other transport for example. They are emissions hotspots in themselves, but also hubs with the potential to effect enormous change. In a phased way, EIT Climate-KIC1 will work with a small cohort of high-ambition port authorities in Valencia (Spain), Piraeus (Greece), Rotterdam (Netherlands), Turku (Finland) and others to demonstrate how ambitious maritime hubs can be catalysts for reversing the fast-growing emissions from international shipping and trade hotspots.

The port of Piraeus is a particular hotspot of waste and shipping industry emissions. Being the second maritime cluster globally, makes it necessary to demonstrate that can become a catalyst of rapid changes and a resilient maritime hub. At the present the 51% of the port belongs to the Chinese company COSCO and the port is involved in 14 European projects, which show its commitment to become a green port and financially independent using alternative financing models.

EIT Climate KIC Greek Hub directed by Prof. Phoebe Koundouri, (School of Economics and ReSEES Laboratory, Athens University of Economics and Business) at the ATHENA Research and Innovation already has a deep understanding of the intended systems of Piraeus and many of the structural changes needed. EIT Climate KIC Greece will act quickly, in coordination with the Port of Piraeus, the Municipality of Piraeus, Vera Alexandropoulou Law Office and the Blue Growth Initiative, in order to combine that particular learning with the multi-annual expertise on blue growth and maritime research and entrepreneurship in order to co-design Port innovations that will bring system changes. ATHENA is committed in rivers, ocean, water management, sustainable maritime and green shipping sector as well as the promotion of Blue Growth. In the next phase ATHENA will apply its stakeholders’ engagement tools while a Future Literacy Workshop for Ports will be delivered in autumn 2019 at the Port of Piraeus (October 2019).

An EIT Climate KIC (Europe) Deep Demonstration project is already funded and launched, while its Kick-off meeting took place 9, 10/07/2019 in Valencia, Spain. The partners of the project are: Valencia Port (Spain), Rotterdam Port (The Netherlands), Piraeus Port (Greece), Turku Port (Finland) and the Cyprus Shipping Association.

The final project outcome will identify a 3year roadmap for the sustainability transition of the Port of Piraeus, together with the Ports of Valencia, Rotterdam and Turku.
This project is part of a much bigger UN SDSN Project that I direct which is called the 4-Seas-Project on Sustainable Blue Growth Transformation in the MED, BLACK, CASPIAN and ARAL Seas. Further Information on this to be sent.
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