Dimitris Karadimas

Adjunct Researchers
Industrial Systems Institute

Dimitris KARADIMAS was born in Patras, Greece on 1980. He holds Diploma and MSc. in Electrical Engineering from Dept. of Electrical and Computer Engineering (University of Patras, Greece). He is an associate researcher in the aforementioned department and Institute of Industrial Systems, Athena Research Center and active member in IEEE society since 2003, with 31-publications and more than 150-citations. He has more than 15-years professional experience in research, development and implementation of ICT projects at national or European level. Expert in embedded systems, web technologies and platforms including the following areas: Cyber-Physical systems (RFIDs, IoT), Blockchain, e-Health and e-Learning. His skills include Java Spring Ecosystem, Streaming Platforms, PHP, Back/Front-end systems design, Full stack development, Databases (relational, non-relational, elastic) designer/administrator, technical management of research/development projects (Atlassian tools and others), proposal writing at National, European Level, good communication skills gained through participation in various workshops, conferences and meetings and leadership (currently responsible for small teams).