Innovative collective awareness platform boosting urban farming


Innovative collective awareness platform boosting urban farming

In recent decades, the population percentage in most of the developed EU countries has been rising constantly, which has a negative impact both on the natural and productive resources of the urban centers and large provincial cities. As a consequence, the failure of the aforementioned to effectively respond to the demographic reality affects not only the urban landscape quality but also the environment in general, as the management of urban waste and sewage disposal is becoming increasingly difficult and the quality of air and water resources is constantly deteriorating and on the other hand the development of the economy, as insufficient employment opportunities can be created, especially for disadvantaged groups. The proposed project (URBANA) will create a technologically innovative platform to build a bridge of knowledge exchange between Agricultural Advisors and Urban Cultivators, fostering social innovation and collective awareness of the sustainability of cities. In particular, through URBANA, users will be able to present small-scale urban cultivation as well as other activities that they have implemented or implement on urban agriculture in the form of Do It Yourself (DIY) projects, while at the same time they will be able to make use of information and advice collected from crowdsourcing, IoT and social networks.

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Theodore Dalamagas

ATHENA Research Center