Regional Dimension

Apart from being a European and international actor, Athena RC has a strong regional role to play at the national level. The Center operates in three cities (Athens, Patras and Xanthi) and implements its research and innovation strategy, positioning itself as an important  partner in the regional plans conducted by political, academic, economic and societal entities. 

The Athena RIC has its Institutes and units located in Athens and in two other major Greek cities  (Patras in Peloponese Region and Xanthi in Thrace). This gives Athena a wider, country-wide role and offers unique advantages:

  • closer and stonger connections to the regional, academic and industrial environment
  • employee engagement in regional resources and activities 
  • enhancing regional competitiveness by providing immediate access to the innovation created
  • taking advantage of  the initiatives, funding schemes and other opportunities provided exclusively to regions