Athena RC is managed by the General Director, Ioannis Emiris. The right to take decisions regarding Athena RC and follow their execution is bestowed to the Board of Directors.
According to the latest reorganisation the Board of Directors, its members are as follows:
  • Ioannis Emiris,  General Director of "Athena" RC, President
  • Minos Garofalakis, Director of the Information Management Systems Institute, Vice-President
  • Chrysostomos Stylios, Director of the Industrial Systems Institute, Member
  • Stavroula Fotinea, representative of Researchers and Special Functional Scientists, Member, substituted by George Pavlidis
  • Vasiliki Panagopoulou, representative of the Special Scientific - Technical, Technical, Administrative, Auxiliary Personnel, Member, substituted by Anastasios Patrikakos