Greek innovation in the fight against disinformation


Athens Technology Center (ATC) and Athena Research Center’s Institute for Language and Speech Processing (ILSP) are developing tools to fight disinformation. In specific, the two organizations join forces against the deliberate presentation of misleading information, by proposing a solution for its mitigation; using state-of-the-art technology in content aggregation, enhanced language learning and natural language processing.
In the project “UNBIASED: Fact-provisioning and bias estimation tools for public inoculation against disinformation campaigns”, ATC and Athena-ILSP will develop specialized online tools for automatically assessing report bias and the polarization of news, or information sources, as an indication of "media bias". The project also aims to at increasing automatization of fact-checking on debated topics.
The suggested tools are mainly aimed at the general public, i.e. online news readers. The project furthermore aims to a) allow the public to have more flexible and objective information and to be aware of the media bias in the news sources they choose for everyday information, and b) help journalists and news agencies by enriching tools for collecting, sorting and analyzing news content, with new solutions to improve the diversity and quality of news coverage, and also showing them which news topics have not received enough attention, providing them with external data sets to enrich a news article, etc. 
The project is funded by Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway and is part of the European Economic Area (EEA) funding programme for the period 2014 - 2021, known as EEA Grants.