Voula Giouli

Institute for Language and Speech Processing
+30 210 6875448c
Voula Giouli is a linguist working in the area of Computational Linguistics since 1993. She obtained her Diploma in Linguistics from the Philosophical Faculty of the University of Athens in 1992, and her MSc degree in Speech and Language Processing from the Department of Linguistics, University of Edinburgh, in 1996. She attended a training course in Computerised Lexicography and Corpus Linguistics (1993) at the University of Patras, School of Engineering, Wire Communications Laboratory (WCL), which was run jointly with Collins Harper and Cobuild Lexicographic Centre.
From 1993 to 1998, she worked at WCL as a member of the Natural Language Processing Group, and was responsible for the development of Language Resources (Text Corpora, monolingual/bilingual dictionaries, morphological lexicon and grammar, etc.) in the framework of research projects (SOCRATES/LINGUA-1995-1-GR-30, COLLINS, ONOMASTICA-LRE-61004).
Since 1998, she has been working at ILSP/RC “Athena” being involved in the development, standardization and evaluation of Language Resources (lexica, raw and/or annotated corpora, Natural Language Processing tools), mainly in the area of Document Indexing and Retrieval , Information Extraction and Retrieval, text understanding and Machine Translation.
She has participated in several National and European research projects (ICT-ACCURAT, INTERREG-PHARE CBC–ΛΟΓΟΤΕΧΝΙΚΑ ΠΑΡΑΛΛΗΛΑ, IST-REVEAL THIS, EPAN-EXCELAN, eContent-Intera, IST-Cimwos, IST–HLT:Barlic-Ling, ΕΠΕΤ-II-ΚΑΙΡΟΣ, EPET-II-ΟικοΝΟΜίΑ).
She has also been the co-author of a Greek Dictionary for native High School Students that has been commissioned by the Greek Ministry of Education and is integrated into the curriculum. She has also supervised a number of MSc theses in the framework of the postgraduate course Technoglossia jointly carried out by the National & Kapodistrian University of Athens (School of Philisophy), the National Technical University of Athens and the Institute for Language and Speech Processing.
She has publications in Greek and international conferences in the areas of Computational Linguistics, Lexicography, and Language Resources creation and evaluation.