Aggeliki Fotopoulou

Institute for Language and Speech Processing
+30 210 6875313

Dr Fotopoulou has studied Linguistics and Philosophy at the University of Athens. As a member of the French group of Eurotra (machine translation project) she completed her PhD at the Université Paris VIII - St Denis (1993) and her post-doctoral studies were conducted at the Institut National des Télécommunications in Paris (1994). She has collaborated in her capacity as researcher at LIMSI - CNRS; and at the Institut d’électronique et d’informatique Gaspard Monge, Université Paris-Est Marne-la-Vallée, of which she is still a member. She joined the ILSP/R.C. "Athena" as a research scientist in December 1999. Since 2015 she is Research Director. She has taught graduate and undergraduate courses at various Universities (France: INT, Université Paris 7 and Paris 8) and University of Athens ("Technoglossia" and "Translation and Interpretation"). She has published extensively in international journals and at conferences (approximately 65 publications in journals, books, and peer-reviewed conference proceedings and already approximately 500 citations of her publications and work in general (a combination of Google Scholar results, Orcid and proceedings of Linguistics Conferences at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki). Research projects in France, among others:POINTER (MLAP) (1993-1996), GRAMLEX (COPERNICUS) (1995-1997): FRANCE TELECOM (1994-1995), ARISE (1997-1999), GRACE (1997-1998). Research projects at ILSP/Athena : responsible for elaboration of specifications for the quality control of ILSP products, scientific responsible for SYMFONIA (spelling and grammar checker containing the Modern Greek Morphological Dictionary), XENION LEXICON, TOL (Electronic and Multimedia Trilingual terminological dictionary), “Digitization and promotion of the Greek National Theatre archive”, PENED, 2003 "Online grammar and dictionaries», “EKFRASSI”: An innovative platform for authoring work support in Modern Greek using Semantic Web techniques» GSRT, 2006-2008,  Project KRIPIS “POLYTROPO” (semantic dictionary), ESPA 2007-2013, Project DRASIS: Development and enrichment of a conceptual lexicon, study of extension of Polyex tool (a tool of extraction of nominal multi-words). , Internal projects : Grammar of emotion lexical data. European Projects: Regbot “LangTERRA” Co-responsible of the axe Text mining, COST "PARSEME" Action IC1207 (2013-2017), PARSing and Multi-word Expressions (Member of the Management Committee). She is member of scientific conference committees (ACL, EACL, Euralex, SynSemLex, CEDIL, "Greek Language and Terminology"...). 3 Phd Theses Supervision (2 completed), as well as a series of postdoctoral and master’s degree supervision.  Invited Professor in 2011 and 2018 at IGM (University of Marne-la-Vallee) and in 2019 at the University Paris8.Since 2008 is researcher B (Senior Researcher). She had the scientific responsibility for the projects

  • “Digitisation and promotion of the Greek National Theatre archive” isincluded Design and development of the filing & documentation of the digital material software, digitization of the archive material , Scientific documentation of the digital cultural material & recording in the database, Design and development of multimedia applications for the promotion of the digital cultural collection of the National Theatre
  • “EKFRASSI”: an innovative platform that supports authoring work in Modern Greek:Ekfrassi is  based on the conceptual organisation of the language material of Modern Greek using Semantic Web techniques.
  •  “Web grammars and lexica. Multiword verbal expressions in Modern Greek: linguistic and psycholinguistic analysis of frozen multiword expressions”.

Phd Thesis Supervision:  Marianna Mini. (2009). “Linguistic and psycholinguistic study of Modern Greek verbal idioms with fixed subject: morphosyntactic analysis, semantic-lexical grade of fixedness and processing by primary school children”

Both as a leader and as a member of different research groups, she is currently working on sentiment predicate (nouns, verbs) analysis, multiword expressions (syntactic, semantic, psycholinguistic analysis and computational treatment) and, semantic and syntactic structuring of lexica.
She has taught in various Universities (INT, Universite Paris 7 and Paris 8, University of Athens) at both graduate and undergraduate level and has published extensively in international journals and conferences