The Industrial Systems Institute (ISI) is a leading R&D institute of excellence conducting basic research and exploratory development on Information and communications technology (ICT) for the Greek and European industry. From the time of its inauguration, the focus of ISI has been on edge technologies for industrial operations/enterprise environments, and prime concern towards innovation and the growth in competitiveness of the Greek industry. General goal of ISI has from the outset been to conduct applied research leading the development of industrial applications and products, as well as the provision of advanced industrial services.
ISI carries out fundamental and applied research and contributes to science evolution by currently focusing on industrial research fields with exceptional expected rate of development. To this aim, ISI has identified the following emerging areas of applied research related to its basic research activities:
  • Factories and manufacturing, including production and transport of energy and goods,
  • Smart cities and communities - European innovation partnership – including intelligent transportation, distribution and management of energy,
  • Security and protection of cyberphysical and industrial systems,
  • Personal e-Health and Well-Being (PeHWB).
As a result, ISI seeks at present excellence in the following industrial fields of basic research:
  1. Networked embedded systems
  2. Intelligent systems and robotics
  3. Enterprise Information Systems
  4. Enterprise interoperability
  5. Security & protection of industrial system
  6. Advanced Materials and Structures
These areas constitute fields of research activity In Europe and internationally, contributing significantly to the effort for excellence and distinction in the European Union and towards achieving the transformation of the latter to a union of innovation, by supporting the leading role of the European industry.
ISI conducts interdisciplinary research in most aspects of the above areas. It encourages collaboration among researchers of different subject areas, targeting fundamental theoretical and applied research programmes, developing innovative solutions and integrating prototypes that address industry challenges.
Since its establishement, ISI has successfully participated in more than 100 national, regional and European R&D projects. In this context it has closely collaborated with numerous prestigious academic institutions, research centres, organizations, and enterprises, coping with and delving into the idiosyncrasies of the large-scale challenges faced by the industry, government and society.
Moreover, in collaboration with University faculties (i.e., University of Patras), ISI supports Masters and PhDs in Industrial Information & Communication Technology acting as a driving force for sustainable growth and strengthening the national competitivenes.