Smart Marketing Strategies for tourismin the Cross-Border Area


Smart Marketing Strategies for tourismin the Cross-Border Area

The aim of the project is to create a data repository for the Region of Eastern Macedonia – Thrace incorporating databases and ICT applications that have already been developed in the framework of JTI-Target, Green Spots, i-Guide projects, as well as various earlier applications (e.g. Thracian Treasure). The project will incorporate all available information, creating a repository for all points of interest and tourism businesses in the Region, providing a complete information package for the visitors or stakeholders interested in providing relevant services based on officially approved data. The system will provide additional services such as customized tourist packages depending on the preferences of the interested individuals and / or data for the creation of tourist packages by professionals in the field (e.g. tour operators). The project aims to mobilize the region’s enterprises involved in the tourism section both at a strategic and an operational level providing relevant training on the use of ICT tools. Finally, cultural events (including youth exchanges) will take place as part of the project, in order to maximize the promotion level and dissemination of the project’s activities and results. All activities and results will take into account the needs of people with disabilities.

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Nestor Tsirliganis

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