Multimedia Young-Children Thesaurus for Educational Purposes


Multimedia Young-Children Thesaurus for Educational Purposes
The MYTHE project dealt with the design and development of a multilingual interactive, computer-based language learning environment for young children around the transition-to-literacy age (typically in the age range of 6 to 8 years). The MYTHE platform is used for mother tongue and second language learning and supports three languages, English, Greek and Dutch. However, it is open to the addition of other languages.
The language material of MYTHE is based on a modern fable that is presented in an interactive 3D environment with 3D animated characters. A broader view of literacy is taken by encompassing the full range of social interactions and media (pictures, cartoons, natural sounds, drama and text) through a fable. A series of advanced written language, speech, and animation tools is incorporated to support the interactivity of the platform.
In particular, the scientific and technological objectives of the endeavour focused on the following:
  • developing an environment to be used for the teaching and learning both mother tongue and second language
  • providing additive value to Computer Assisted Language Learning (CALL) with the incorporation of advanced Linguistic and Imaging tools (LIM)
  • eliciting a deeper engagement of the child, by showing realistic 3D models and animation
  • enhancing multilinguality in Europe
  • developing a unified methodological approach for the teaching of three different European Languages
  • offering learners of different educational and cultural backgrounds a common, well-tested and effective platform for language learning
  • constructing a platform that can easily be localised for the teaching of other European languages
  • The project designed and developed a demonstrator CALL system showing the way that LIM technologies can be integrated to provide such an interactive language learning environment.
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Vassilis Katsouros