CLARIN:EL Preparatory phase


CLARIN:EL Preparatory phase

CLARIN:EL is the Greek counterpart of the CLARIN ERIC European Infrastructure, a pan-european effort for

  • the collection
  • and the distribution to the research community
  • of language resources (text/speech/multimodal corpora, lexica, terminological glossaries etc.) in all languages
  • and the relevant language processing tools (morphological/syntactic analysers, parsers, taggers, statistical tools etc.)
  • through a web-based Research Infrastucture.

During the current preparatory phase, CLARIN:EL intends to prepare the ground for the construction and the operation of the CLARIN:EL Research Infrastructure at the national level. More specifically, CLARIN:EL Preparatory phase project focuses on the following areas of work

  • feasibility study, based on the overview of (a) the research communities of the Social Sciences and Humanities and of Language Resources and Technologies, (b) the resources that could be made available through the infrastructure, and (c) user needs
  • technical, administrative and financial requirements of the network (technical study for the computational infrastructure of the network, technical specifications for resources and technologies, study of legal and administrative issues and financial study for the construction and maintenance of the network).
  • organization of dissemination activities, aiming to raise awareness among researchers about CLARIN:EL and about the advantages of introducing Language Technology into their research methodology and to elicit information from potential users of the RI concerning the way Language Resources and Technologies could cater for their needs.
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Stelios Piperidis