National Digital Infrastructures for Research


National Digital Infrastructures for Research
HELIX will design, develop, and operate the Hellenic Data Service, a horizontal convergence-building action providing scalable computing and data processing services to the national research and innovation community.
HELIX comprises two independent and complementary action lines that will respectively address the increasing horizontal Big Computing and Big Data needs in Greece. NNCRI (led by GRNET) will augment and extend the networking and computing infrastructures supporting the R&I community. OpenAIRE-D (led by Athena RC) will provide a cost-effective, scalable, cloud-based data infrastructure in support of the entire life cycle of data-intensive research.
HELIX will deliver services for storing, managing, discovering, processing, analyzing, visualizing, and archiving diverse open and proprietary scientific data that will be shared and reused in a cross-domain and cross-discipline manner. It will assume the role of OpenAIRE in Greece, initiating and implementing Open Access policies for linking scientific publications, data, and services.
HELIX will serve and guide all national scientific eInfrastructures, offer low-cost services to researchers and innovators, facilitate the growth of the Data Economy, and augment national policies related to data-driven innovation.
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Yannis Ioannidis
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