18th Hellenic Data Management Symposium (HDMS)

Organized by Athena Research Center


The Hellenic Data Management Symposium (HDMS) is back! After a hiatus due to the pandemic, this annual forum where the Greek database community gathers to present and discuss the latest advancements in data-intensive applications and systems. The 18th HDMS will be held between July 1-2, 2024, of Athens, Greece with the organization care Athena RC
This year’s symposium promises a rich and diverse program, including:
  • Academic and Industry Talks: Learn about cutting-edge research and industry practices.
  • Keynotes and Panels: Gain insights from leading experts in the field.
  • Poster Sessions and Demos: Explore innovative ideas and practical implementations.
  • Mentoring 1-1 Sessions: New this year, these sessions are open to all registered students, providing a unique opportunity for personalized guidance from experienced professionals.
Call for Submissions
HDMS invite submissions in three tracks: Research, Working Ideas, and Demos. Indicative scientific areas:
  • Core Database Technologies: Query processing and optimization, storage and indexing, concurrency control, OLTP, and OLAP processing.
  • Models and Languages for Data Management: XML, RDF, probabilistic databases, metadata management, multimedia, graph data management.
  • NoSQL and Cloud Technologies: Storage solutions, scalability techniques.
  • High Performance and Scalability: Distributed data processing, hardware accelerators, new hardware technologies.
  • Emerging Data Management Architectures: Data stream management, peer-to-peer systems, mobile data management, blockchain.
  • Confluence of Data Management: Information retrieval, knowledge management, natural language processing, data mining.
  • Data Management Applications: GIS, data warehouses, social networks, scientific databases, IoT, crowdsourcing.
  • Modern Information Systems Aspects: Security, privacy, user interfaces, energy use minimization.
  • AI/ML and Databases: Applied ML for data management, data management to support ML.
  • Analysis of Different Data Types: Graphs, social networks, time series, logs, and text.
Stay tuned for more details about the program, including keynote speakers, panel discussions, and additional activities designed to enhance your symposium experience. Whether you are an academic, an industry professional, or a student, HDMS 2024 offers invaluable opportunities to connect, learn, and innovate.
Mark your calendars and prepare to join us in Athens for an engaging and informative event!
For more information, visit HDMS 2024 Website.