Innovation Clusters

The foundation of 3 hi-tech Clusters with more than 175 members, consisting of the most innovative enterprises, university labs and research institutes in their respective sectors – the mi-Cluster (nano/microelectronics-based systems and applications cluster) the first innovation cluster in Greece; the si-Cluster (space technologies and applications cluster) aiming to develop Greece as a leading region for space technologies and applications; and the gi-Cluster (gaming and creative technologies & applications cluster) that displays state-of-the-art technology edge coupled with an extrovert, global-reaching entrepreneurial spirit.

Innovation Hubs

Corallia operated several Innovation Hubs, including the current α2-innohub in Maroussi, while it had previously established two more innohubs with the support of ERDF financing, one in Athens (the a1-innohub) and one in Patras (the π1-innohub), and has been awarded with the EBN EU|BIC certificate in 2014.

Entrepreneurship & Educational Programmes

It implements a series of initiatives to stimulate innovation and entrepreneurship. These include the systematic organisation of targeted training and inspirational events, the design and implementation of pioneering entrepreneurship acceleration and incubation programmes, and the organization of innovation contests such as hackathons, appathons and game jams. To name a few examples: the most prominent business accelerator in Greece, egg – enter.grow.go in cooperation with Eurobank, the STARTAB Entrepreneurship Programme in cooperation with the Prince’s Trust International, the European Space Agency Business Incubation Centre Greece (ESA BIC Greece) in cooperation with ESA and the Ministry of Digital Governance, ActInSpace (2016, 2018, 2022), FabSpace HackonEarth (2017), Capsella (2017), HackInnow (2016 & 2017), Game Jam (2014 & 2015), Inspear (2017), Copernicus Hackathons (2018, 2019, 2020), CASSINI (2020,2021,2022).

International Collaborations

Corallia also constantly pursues and establishes strategic European and global collaborations with the ultimate goal to facilitate SMEs’ internationalisation in their target markets and nurture cross-sectoral innovation through the development of new industrial competitive value-chains in key sectors of the Greek economy. Some characteristic examples are: the combination of innovative Small Flying Objects (like drones, microsatellites), embedded nano-tech and digital technologies, Key Enabling Technologies, Artificial Intelligence, data analysis and exploitation solutions for the development of long-term internationally competitive goods and services in key industries like Agrofood, Environment, Creative Industries, Defense, Blue Growth.