• European Center for Women and Technology – ECWT Norway
  • A first group of prominent, well-known, iconic female personalities as well as men in the field of research, entrepreneurship and innovation who will act as ambassadors to attract activities, innovative actions and financing. Ms Litsa Panagiotopoulou, CEO E.VI.A. Intelligent Performance, CEO Intale Retail Solutions  and Vice President Papapostolou Healthcare Technologies is one of these members.
  • A second set of dynamic young female and male scientists, researchers, entrepreneurs and owners who will actively contribute to the unit. Members of this group include  Zoe Kournia, a highly acclaimed scientist and entrepreneur, Paraskevi Nomikou, Associate Professor of the NKUA Department of Geology with a lot of activity in matters of Natural Disasters and Digital Technologies concerning the oceans, Nicoletta Valakou and Maria Avgouli, renowned former officials of the Ministry of Culture and current advisors to large Public and Private Sector Organizations, and Natalia Manola, an “Athena” RC scientific associate.  
Advisory Board
9-member Advisory Board: A committee consisting of the 6 members of the #GIL4W Coordinating Body plus 3 members of the #GIL4W
About Greek Innovation Lab for Women (#GIL4W).
#GIL4W, is a partnership made between 20 public and private bodies, academic and non-profit organizations in collaboration with the European Center for Women and Technology – ECWT Norway. On April 16th 2021, the Deputy Minister of Labor and Social Affairs responsible for Demography, Family Policy and Gender Equality Maria Syreggela announced the launch of the Hellenic Innovation Center for Women (#GIL4W) which provides a healthy ecosystem in the Greek public and private sectors and will work to fully exploit the benefits of Innovation and digital technologies in order to enhance the productivity and the development of the Greek economy. This Unit is the first and the largest effort of its kind in Greece. For this purpose, the #GIL4W partnership, in collaboration with key national bodies, is developing a functioning ecosystem that includes policy makers, academia, entrepreneurs and businesses to help implement structural reforms and actions to promote growth and the strategy “help the best and the brightest female talents shine”.
The #GIL4W focuses its efforts on utilizing accumulated knowledge, strategies, good practices and policies in Europe as well as globally. In addition, it creates an ecosystem where its members and other participants will share tools, knowledge, business ideas thus rapidly promoting innovative practices. It is worth noting that #GIL4W has already been included as priority project in the National Action Plan for Gender Equality (ESDIF 2021 – 2025) which was announced by the prime minister on 10/12/2021.
Founding members:
  1. Public Sector Founding Members:
  1. Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs – Demography and Family Policy and Gender Equality
  2. Ministry of Development and Investments
  3. Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  4. Ministry of Education and Religious Affairs
  5. Ministry of Interior
  6. Enterprise Greece
  7. Institute of Educational Policy
  1. Private Sector Founding Members:
  1. European Center for Women and Technology – ECWT
  2. American-Hellenic Chamber of Commerce
  3. National Chamber Network of Women Entrepreneurs
  4. CISCO – NetAcademy
  1. Research Centers:
  1. Athena Research & Innovation Center in Information Communication & Knowledge Technologies
  2. National Centre of Scientific Research “Demokritos”
  3. Pasteur Hellenic Institute
  4. Institute of Communication and Computer Systems
  5. Biomedical Sciences Research Center “Alexander Fleming”
  6. Computer Technology Institute and Press “Diophantus”
  1. Greek Universities
  1. Aristotle University of Thessaloniki
  2. University of Patras
  3. University of Peloponnese