IMSI focuses on the following research areas:
Moreover, IMSI is competent in the following areas:
Research Activities
  • Research Infrastructures: a group of autonomous but complementary systems that aim to develop and maintain a set of services supporting the activities of the greek research community.
  • GEOCROWD platform: geoblogging as a tool to capture user experiences by means of collecting and organizing images, audio, video and text in relation to space and time.
  • GoNTogle: Semi-automatic semantic classification of documents, and search based on ontology annotations.
  • DIANA microT and DIANA mirGen: applications for the efficient management, processing, and retrieval of Bioscientific data.
  • Creative search: a platform for collecting and organizing scientific material, based on the concept of MindMaps
  • MOPSEUS: a repository system for the curation and the long-term preservation of digital collections, based on open-source software.
  • GIS services and algorithms for navigation and dynamic routing in road networks.
  • WASabi: an innovative web-based system for recording and analysing work practices. The current implementation focuses on research practices of human sciences.
  • Advanced services for data collection and management from social networks.  
  • OPACIAL: a system for accessing digital library catalogues, which uses Web 2.0 technologies for allowing users to exchange views through annotations about the catalogue resources.