The main thrust of ENTA is the research in, and the development of, new modern technologies of environmental actions, networking facilities, artificial intelligence and others, that aim at societal prosperity and the management of natural and anthropogenic disasters. These research fields can be the development of space networking protocols for inter satellite communications, communications with the earth in case of damage to the earth communication infrastructure and remote sensing. Also, the free access to networks in case of emergencies and generally free network access for every citizen. ENTA also intends to cooperate with the primary agricultural production sector for monitoring the atmospheric pollution, the change in climate of the region and also assist the sector with knowhow, in determining the energy and carbon footprint of its exporting produce. The proposed installation of a weather radar in the area, the networking and free access to the information that it will provide, and the use of the FAROS aircraft for hail protection emergencies, the local agricultural producers will be able to plan irrigation, protect their assets and produce against natural disasters. The Unit may also provide research and development support to public bodies, private companies international organizations and local and international industry.