Cross-KIC Water Scarcity Activities (EIT Climate-KIC)

Cross-KIC Water Scarcity Activities

Cross-KIC Water Scarcity Activities (EIT Climate-KIC)
The main overall objective of EU water policy is ensuring access to good quality water, sufficient quantity for all Europeans, and ensuring the good status of all water bodies across Europe. Good-quality water supply is a prerequisite for economic and social progress, especially in RIS regions targeted, which are at the same me some of the main affected ones. As for that, water scarcity has been identified as a common issue to tackle for the four participating KICS, being a fundamental topic for the whole southern region development but still being weakly integrated into the current activities, establishing a clear opportunity for collaboration. This Cross-KIC RIS project, lead by EIT Food, and involving Climate-KIC, EIT Manufacturing and Raw Materials will enable the involved KICs to work together and with external relevant actors across RIS countries to build a stronger framework to tackle water scarcity in innovation, education and policy in Southern Europe region.
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Prof. Phoebe Koundouri