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Technology Transfer Office

The TTO of the Athena RIC aims at the following:

  • Gather and document the R&D results of the Center
  • Design, plan and carry out activities pertaining to the protection, promotion, development and capitalisation of the Intellectual Property of the Center
  • Support the image and outreach of the Center's Institutes and Units


Services the TTO offers to the Institutes and Units (indicative):

  • Creation and maintenance of exploitable technology portfolios
  • IP protection (patents, licenses etc)
  • Planning and realisation of promotional activities for technologies, services, products etc
  • Design and development of technology based services
  • Exploitation studies and reviews for technologies and other R&D results
  • Support for the development, management, promotion/marketing and sales of new products and services
  • Spin-off support
  • Maintenance of a “library” of legal documents and processes
  • Monitoring and compliance control regarding quality standards and measures (ISO etc)


Services the TTO offers to third parties (indicative):

  • Information provision on the Center's activities, services and products
  • Planning and arrangement of businesss contacts, visits, educational events etc.
  • One-stop shop for services, products, support etc.