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Information Management Systems Institute

The Information Management Systems Institute (IMSI) is a new institute operating under Athena RC. The ultimate long-term goal of the research carried out by IMSI is to develop algorithms, solutions and systems to support large-scale, distributed information systems.

The objectives of IMSI are:

  • to conduct research, develop applications, and to provide services in the areas of information management and large-scale information systems (research focus),
  • to conduct research within the scope of instituted research programs and respective research projects (project orientation),
  • to transfer resulting technologies to companies in the e-business, e-government, and e-learning domain (technology transfer),
  • to prototype, develop, and test simulation platforms for large scale systems (benchmarking),
  • to certify software products (certification), and
  • to perform tests and comparisons of new technologies and innovative services (studies).

IMSI aims:

  • to base its research on the principles of Excellence and to play a strategic role in the shaping of the Information Society at the national and international level (excellence in research),
  • to conduct interdisciplinary research and cooperation with disciplines beyond the boundaries of traditional aspects of information management (interdisciplinary),
  • to establish international cooperations in research and development (international cooperation), and
  • to accelerate technology transfer and exploitation of research results with respect to products (collaboration with industry) by entering strategic alliances with industry at the national and international level, creating spin offs, affecting industrial practices through cooperation with high-tech industries, and by being a catalyst for the development of new activities in the public and private sector.


The IMSI main areas of interest are:

  • Distributed Information Systems and Web Information Systems, with focus on scalability and efficiency issues.
  • Information integration, interoperability of information systems, semantic Web and ontology management.
  • Business and Database intelligence systems, with focus on implementation and optimization.
  • Management of geographical information, with focus on spatial and spatiotemporal data management techniques.
  • Scientific databases and Digital Libraries, with focus on biological / environmental data management, and data preservation and provenance.


IMSI consists of Departments responsible for carrying out research and development activities, and of Administration Offices responsible for providing administrative support. The Administration Offices and the Departments of IMIS are the following:

  • Administration - Central Administration Office
  • Administration - Accounting Office
  • Administration - Procurement Office
  • Department of Scientific Databases and Simulation
  • Department of Database and Business Intelligence
  • Department of Distributed and Web Information Systems
  • Department of Geoinformatics
  • Department of Software Technology and Development
  • Digital Curation Unit