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Institute for Language and Speech Processing


The Institute for Language and Speech Processing (ILSP) was founded in Athens (Greece) in 1991 under the auspices of the General Secretariat of Research and Technology.




The running aim of ILSP / R.C. "Athena" is to be a centre of excellence in basic and applied R&D in the areas of:

  • Natural Language Processing
  • Speech processing, recognition and synthesis, music and sound processing
  • e-learning, distance learning for language, culture and music

ILSP is becoming a pole of attraction for the lively Greek and European industry of language and information technologies. The experience of its researchers, the close relations it holds with key research centres in other European countries and its industrial orientation are basic elements in the profile of ILSP.

ILSP develops technologies on the following axes:

  • digital monolingual, multilingual and multimedia corpora and dictionaries, computational lexical databases
  • text processing and analysis for information retrieval and knowledge extraction
  • multimodal and multilingual information processing and retrieval
  • machine translation and translation aid tools
  • stand-alone and integrated voice recognition and text-to-speech systems
  • assistive technologies for disabled persons
  • digital curation and presentation of cultural content
  • multimedia e-learning platforms for language and music

The activities of ILSP are organised in five scientific departments:

  • Electronic Lexicography and Language Resources Department
  • Natural Language and Knowledge Extraction Department
  • Department of Educational Technology
  • Voice and Sound Technology Department
  • Department of Machine Translation

ILSP operates a branch office in the Thrace area (northern Greece region).