LDS: Common European Language Data Space


LDS: Common European Language Data Space

The LDS project aims to develop the Language Data Space as part of the Common European Data Spaces ecosystem. This ecosystem will constitute a main driver of the European Data Economy which is based on existing legislation and policies for the provision and use of EU data. The LDS will be instrumental in identifying and facilitating access to data sets and data streams (public and private) that can be used for building Large Language Models and advanced Language Technology applications.

To this end, the following points are among the main actions planned:
– A governing body of the Language Data Space will be established, i.e. the Center of Excellence in Language Technologies (CELT)
– A data and services governance scheme will be developed. Practices and policies for the use of language data, in particular access and processing rights, will be implemented technologically and integrated.
– The system architecture will be designed. The technological components necessary for the operations of the Language Data Space will be implemented and the respective infrastructure will be deployed.

LDS is a service contract executed for the European Commission. The Institute for Language and Speech Processing of the Athena Research Centre is one of the core consortium partners, entrusted primarily with the design of the architecture and the implementation of the main technological components.

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Stelios Piperidis